Cambridge Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members of the Cambridge family and those concerned about the welfare of the school and committed to the mission of the school. The Board of Trustees meets once monthly. For the date and time of the next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting, please call the school office at 229-2875 or refer to the school calendar found on this website.

  • Jennifer Mapes, Chair
  • Stefan Hartung, Vice-Chair
  • Adam Bacot, Treasurer
  • Demetri Andrews, Secretary
  • Mary Weaver
  • Mark Askew
  • Adam Creswell
  • Liz Roark Bolten
  • Amie Thompson
  • Joel Myers
  • Will Timmerman
  • Ex-Officio, Lori Anne Hagood – Head of School
  • Ex-Officio, Lee Lee Lee – Business Manager
  • Ex-Officio, Eric Massey – Admissions Director
  • Ex-Officio, Page Myers or Mundy Price – CAPTA Rep
  • Ex-Officio, TBA – Faculty Representatives
  • Ex-Officio, TBA – Student Representative
  • Ex-Officio, Robert Rooney or Mandy Price – Athletic Department

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Click here to view the By-Laws of the Cambridge Academy Board of Trustees.